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Need a coworking space to hack out and validate your ideas?

Plug-In@Blk71 provides up to three months use of hot-desks / coworking spaces for early stage start-ups that are still in their validation mode. We have 2 types of desks - sharing and regular. Sharing for start-ups that need desks for only half the time while regulat desks for those who will be coming in regularly. Renewal of desks is dependent on the progress and need of the start-ups. Just let us know. 

We embrace an open working concept, where entrepreneures openly share and discuss ideas because we believe such cross-exchange will not only generate feedback but also add value to the team. Afterall, two heads are better than one.

We house a diverse group of people. Ranging from young graduates to industry veterans, start-ups to investors, we see a good mix of the industry within our space. Besides, we also see up to 20 nationalities in this community, who are able to give good insights if you're looking to scale beyond borders.

Frills? 24 hour access because we know start-ups are in their own world of time. We have free internet access, coffee for late night work, lockers to store your belongings (but please bring your own padlocks) as well as printing facilities available (free flow of B&W ink, though you'll have to provide your own paper). What more can you ask for? ;)

Best of it all - we conduct and host regular clinics, workshops, seminars, hacking series, mentoring sessions, pitching events... all of these, just one sliding door away! Save those precious time traveling and spontaneously find events that can accelerate the growth of your start-up!

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