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Posted 09 May 2017
DAY-TO-DAY RESPONSIBILITIES Oversee the development and execution of the product roadmap Develop an e-health platform for: Remote control of a personal, IoT-enabled medication device Medication administration by multiple parties; and ...
Fox International Education Ltd
Posted 05 May 2017
Development Co-founder: Web development; front end and back end; Server. (Experience preferred.) Tech Co-founder: AI, data mining. (research student preferred.) Operation Co-founder: leadership, innovative, patient. (MBA and manager experience preferred.) ...
Posted 24 Apr 2017
We are looking for an audience-inspired community manager - one who will build, grow, and manage online communities as well as perform community management to amplify HackerTrail as a brand. ...
ROKA Technology
Posted 17 Apr 2017
Requirements: Write design/development/implementation proposal document using restructured text (rst format) template following guidelines (similar to Python enhancement proposals). Divide the proposal into implementation tasks in lightweight project management system called ...
Posted 24 Mar 2017
We are a young startup focusing on Robot App development. Our first product is to control robots by commands sent from web page which will call API. If you are ...
Posted 21 Mar 2017
Kuiddle,com is a Social Platform using Web & App to provide efficient platform for matching help needed in the community by providing peer-to-peer, real-time and location-based matching. It gamifies the ...
Posted 15 Mar 2017
Responsibilities *commission & deploy our software on-site and proactively work with customer’s IT staff *preventive and periodical maintenance of deployed software *assist customer’s IT personnel as needed to resolve difficult ...
Twelve Smiles Pte Ltd
Posted 13 Mar 2017
We are seeking a CTO/Full stack developer to join the team and accelerate our progress to bring this product out to the market. If you are interested in shaping the ...
CastKo Pte Ltd
Posted 03 Mar 2017
Job Description - Perform a 'quality check' on publications, just before posting online - Act as a fresh pair of eyes, spotting any mistakes others might have missed Proofreaders check ...
Airhost Pte Ltd
Posted 28 Feb 2017
We are looking for a senior Rails developer with Angular experiences. This is a full time position. Your responsibility will be maintain and improve our current platform. This position is ...