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We set out to be Asia's first AI powered digital platform serving consumer, retailer and food manufacturer (FMCG brands) in achieving a more efficient food supply chain and reducing food waste. Its smart food management and social app (beta version available on Google Play and App Store) enables households to buy smarter, share better and waste less. While the data collected would provide precious insights for retailers to improve their inventory turnover as well as for FMCG brands in their new product development and marketing process.

YoRipe is not a social enterprise in terms of entity, but we have a strong social mission to reduce food waste at consumer and retail level. And we believe that we can also solve business pain points for retailers and FMCG brands and play a crucial role in the future of grocery retail.

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Job Description and Requirements: 

YoRipe is seeking its Tech co-founder! Don't miss the chance to make a mark with your tech and data science skills, transforms the FMCG and Retail industry and fight climate change!

The team has 2 core members (1 hustler and 1 full-stack web & mobile developer), and we're looking for a CTO with following complementary skill sets and passion to build the company together.
1. Experience in tech back-end architecture and can code
2. Have launched or worked on mobile app product
3. Competent in building database structure and ML models
4. Interest in consumer insights
5. Believes a more sustainable world starts with a little effort from everyone :)

If you are attracted by our mission and think you could be a good fit in terms of skill sets, we'd love to talk to you!

Job Type: 
Full Time
Closing date: 
Jul 31 2018