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Established in Singapore, LumenLab serves to promote a culture of innovation at Metlife and create new businesses targeting the needs of the Asia based consumer across Health, Ageing and Wealth.
LumenLab applies a thoughtful, structured and methodical process to incubating ideas, and developing new businesses that can scale.

Job Description and Requirements: 

Assignment Details
We are looking for an individual with strong written and editorial skills with a passion for innovation. As the editor in charge, you will lead and manage the creation and editing of external releases and internal community sites, as well as LumenLab’s website. You will also be our resident expert on identifying relevant topics and shaping informative content and latest trends.

As part of a small, growing start-up you must be able to work collaboratively with individuals from a variety of backgrounds, possess great communication skills, and have the ability to thrive in a non-rules based environment.

We are looking for candidates with both a breadth of creative experience, as well as key areas of focused expertise. The ideal candidate will be a creative thinker with a strong written portfolio and a passion for developing user-driven, unique, and thoughtful work.

As Digital Content Editor you will have the following responsibilities:-
• Plan and deliver the content strategy and editorial direction for LumenLab’s website
• Plan and deliver the content strategy and editorial direction for the internal site and ensure that the forum’s activity and user engagement remains high
• Ensure the on-time delivery of external and media releases for LumenLab’s main strategic project
• Grow and manage the content freelance team
• Manage the content idea generation process
• Source, edit and/or write content
• Check all content is free of plagiarism
• Develop and manage the process to validate content
• Manage timelines and budgets
• Determine the best strategy to engage target audience
• Monitor performance of the content strategy, and assist with continuously improving websites through analysis and insight

Skills Required
The successful candidate will have the following skills / experience:-

• Excellent written and spoken fluency in the English language
• Knowledge of innovation and insurtech scene in Singapore
• Demonstrated understanding of how to engage and retain an online audience
• Ability to edit and upload content using MS Office, Photoshop, and HTML preferred
• Ability to develop and map content strategy for SEO and marketing purposes
• Ability to create email and other short form marketing content for engaging target audiences

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Job Type: 
Part Time
200-300 SGD per day
Closing date: 
Sep 30 2016