Community Manager


We’re a tech startup company that aims to simplify recruitment with gamification, crowd sourcing and social media. Our mission is to connect technologists with the right employment opportunities, leveraging effective and innovative technology. Our clients are top start-ups, MNCs, and even the Government.

Our principle: If you want to win the war, be prepared to lose a few battles!

The type of people we are: Ambitious, adaptive, learn from our mistakes, and lead by example

The type of individual we’re looking for: Passionate about code, collaborative and not afraid to learn new technologies. You don’t have to know it all; just need the right mind set to learn.

Job Description and Requirements: 

We are looking for an audience-inspired community manager - one who will build, grow, and manage online communities as well as perform community management to amplify HackerTrail as a brand.

The scope of duties includes (but not limited to) the following:
• Establishing a community culture by understanding and tracking where our audience are at, listen, learn and (when appropriate) engage with them
• Create strategic content designed to build relationships between community members
• Moderate and facilitate community content
• Gathering testimonials and feedback produced by the community
• Inspire and empower the community to become brand advocates of HackerTrail by using our content and ads to share as relevant content in their own networks.
• Identify influential voices in the tech community and foster relationships with them (key component)
• Study data to generate audience-inspired decisions and actions within the community
• Work closely with the Digital Marketing Lead by generating reports on audience’s insights to produced informed social content that will resonate better with the community
• Be informed and aligned on trending news/events in the tech/hiring space
• Hosting online and/or offline events for community members

• Strong communication skills
• Good organisational skills
• Dedication
• Empathy
• Adaptability and the ability to enable the community of technologists
• Level-headed attitude
• Background in analytics (good-to-have)
• Passion for HackerTrail and things tech!

Job Type: 
Full Time
S$3,500 - S$5,000
Closing date: 
May 15 2017