BigDataX meet up

BigDataX meet up

Date & Time
Thursday, 26 July, 2018 - 19:30 to 21:30
Food and beverages served?
Seminar room
Type of event
Public Event (Open for walk-ins)

Our Mission: To create a sharing community to build up practical data processing literacy in Singapore and around the region.

What we do: To proliferate Big Data usage is at our core, but as all geeky nerds, we also follow other trends in tech, and let these trends shape our views. We’re called BigDataX because we want to cross over to related fields when required to get things working, for no field is superior and could grow on its own.

We're a 8-member team, passionate and building up our knowledge base to serve you better

Divya Gehlot (, who will be in charge of finding the next topics for our meetup, scanning our speakers and content.

Quick words from Divya: “A Hadoop Pioneer user and passionate learner of big data technologies. Experienced playing with structured financial data to unstructured telco data. Worked on almost all the big data technologies. Firm believer that data is the most valuable asset and right data has power to move the world.”

Hien Mai (, who will be in charge of our hosting location and sponsored food and drinks amongst other things.

Quick words from Hien: “After seeing the power of data at work, I am optimistic and pessimistic of our inevitable AI future. My top priority now is to build the culture of responsible usage of data.”

Wang Wei Yang (, who will be in charge of making sure our content is accessible to students/fresh graduates, not just experienced professionals.

Quick words from Wei Yang: “I teach network science, complexity science, and system dynamics in NUS. While these are immensely interesting in their own right, science has its final justification through data. I hope to develop this community into a teaching and learning space for all things Big Data!”

Liu Jia Lin (, who will be in charge of our recruitment on top of her role as exco-member. Please support her as she reaches out to you when we recruit more committee member!

Quick words from Jia Lin: “Currently I am working as an IT consultant and Spark developer at IBM. I have been through the process from drowning in 101 Big Data terms (and animal names) to writing Spark codes on a frequent basis. I hope to introduce Big Data to more people in an interesting way and utilise data in a value-adding way.”

Nick Choy (, who will be our first speaker for the first meetup!

Quick words from Nick: “My journey as a solver of data puzzles began in the analytics space. However, just as painters need paint and canvas, data scientists need curated data and analytics platforms. To meet this demand I developed skills in big data architecture and engineering. The success of technology based solutions stands on three legs: People, process and technology. This Big Data Meetup gathers these essential pieces. I look forward to learning and growing together as a community.”

Kenneth Leung (, who is in charge of our member engagement, online presence in various social platforms. He is hard at work designing surveys to help us design our talks to suit your needs better, on top of other work.

Quick words from Kenneth: “Kenneth is a licensed drug dealer (pharmacist) and data analyst in a Singapore public hospital. He is an avid learner and doer, and is keen to upgrade and upskill in order to transform pharmacy (and healthcare) for the better. Outside of work, Kenneth enjoys reading, calisthenics, and whiskey on the rocks.”

Vicky Miao (, who will be working alongside Kenneth in managing our online presence.

Quick words from Vicky:“I’m an IT Business Analyst and CPA holder with double degree in Accounting and Statistics. Terminology comes and goes, but the constant is a data explosion and the need to make sense of it, especially for data-intensive industry like financial services and IT. Big Data is a group of data enthusiasts who are eager to learn and share the latest big data techniques. Let’s grow together and have fun along the way!”